About CodeCrunch

A Webmaster Company Project

CodeCrunch started as a Photoshop and webmaster general tutorials website in the early 2000’s.

Patrick Crampton is the founder and owner of The Webmaster Company, and wanted a way to share his knowledge with others in a meaningful and affordable way. Having grown up in a relatively poor area as a child, he spent a lot of time at his local Boys Club in the boxing and computer room. This is when computers were in their infancy, but something about them really kept him busy. Many potential man-hours were lost due to Oregon Trail and Bard’s Tale

He wanted to make this information as accessible as he could so that those that can’t afford college or expensive online courses, can still afford to learn these skills. The internet has changed how we work and knowing this industry can provide you with a lifetime career even without a degree. As a webmaster or developer – learning the fundamentals can open many doors for you and it’s his hope that these courses do just that.

With the advent of the internet and the accessibly of CMS’s ( content management systems ) like WordPress, it seems almost everyone calls themselves a “webmaster” these days. Today the term could really be called “web developer – light”. Many webmasters are tasked with reworking open source scripts or plugins, and managing server deployments. The role has shifted over the years and can vary greatly within organizations, so the more you know; the more of an asset you become. This information doesn’t have to cost you years of your life and a degree. ( although both add to your abilities in their own way )

Patrick wanted to create a course to create stand-outs, and cross hybrid webmasters that have an interested in almost every web related field they touch.

With CodeCrunch, we want webmasters to learn a higher standard and be able to make themselves indispensable to companies. This truly puts a smile on Patrick’s face – he just loves seeing others succeed.