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Outsourcing my server – Can Site 5 deliver?

After years of managing my own server environment, I found that I was getting too busy serving my own clients needs, and I wanted to outsource my hosting management. I chose Site 5 hosting after working on a client site that was hosted with them, and they are definitely up to par.


Blocking Countries To Your Website With iptables

If you manage your own server, you know the pains of a Denial of Service attack, or the annoying trappings of continual spam from the same countries. This little free bash script will allow you to block an entire country from your server using iptables.


CoffeeCup HTML Editor Review

There are not many companies left like CoffeeCup Software. Where else can you buy an HTML Editor for $49 – 10 years ago, and still have access to every single update since? That’s exactly how the fine folks at CoffeeCup operate. Here’s an in depth review of CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2010, the same HTML Editor I have been using since 1999. (And also some links to some of their other top notch software such as FireStarter – their easy to use Flash tool.)


Free Stock Photographs and Free Stock Photo Sites

Here’s a couple of links to some hot royalty free stock photo sites that allow you to either download images for free, or offer free samples of their work. I use iStockPhoto exclusively for my designs, but there are a few good free sites out there.


Bye Bye Archives

It’s an age old dilemma. Keep archives older than a few years or scrap them? I’ve decided in the best interest of fresh content , new tutorials, and our reinvented vigor – to simply get rid of most of the old CodeCrunch tutorials.

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